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Genuine Revival in China

Dear Friends,
I would like to take this time to say; Thank You for covering me with your Prayers and helping to send me to China. The Team that I traveled with consisted of 10 people. We smuggled 122 Bibles into China. Not even one of our suitcases was checked by Chinese Customs. It was as though God covered their eyes and we walked straight through.
The Chinese Government has in place such stringent controls and thick firewalls on all computer systems that the Chinese people do not have access to Face Book, My Space, etc. These strict Internet controls by the government also do not allow the Chinese people to access The Bible online. There is literally not one place in China where anyone can go to buy a Bible, but the Koran can be bought freely and read without government persecution of any kind. Being a Muslim is allowed by the Chinese Government as they do not consider Islam to be a religion, but they see it as an “Ethnic Group”. The Chinese people can also be Buddhist, but they are strictly forbidden to be Christian. China’s primary religion is Atheism. 
As we traveled around Mainland China we were tourist during the day, but then at night we met with underground Pastors many times in noisy public places and they would share their testimonies with us. Just days prior to our arrival 12 Pastors had been arrested for Preaching The Gospel and put into prison for their crime. In America we find it very difficult to fathom such a thing. On our 2nd night in China 2 Pastors traveled 15 hours by train to share testimonies with us and transport Bibles back to their Provinces. One of my Team said, “this is so dangerous for them”. One of our Guides responded, “they’re experienced soldiers, they are Warriors Of The Cross”. Another Pastor shared testimony with us how they had been placed in prison for having Church Services is their home. They were imprisoned, their house was bulldozed down, and everything they owned was taken by the Chinese Government and all destroyed. When the government released them from prison they were told if they ever tried to Preach or conduct Church Services again, that they would be killed. The Pastor said, “it does not matter that I am homeless because this home does not matter, I am living for the next life when I will be with Jesus.
Another one our Guides told us that he had been a Judge for 18 years in The Communist Party. After his Mother died he was sad, lonely, and very depressed. A Doctor shared The Gospel with the Judge over the telephone for a very long time. Our Guide came to know Jesus as Lord & Savior as the result of the Doctor’s Testimony concerning Jesus. The Guide went for 8 years before he received a Bible to read. Once he had a Bible he read it through 3 times in a 2 year period. He then started Underground Churches and Bible Schools in the Northern, Southern, Eastern, & Western Provinces of China. The day came while he was out shopping that over a dozen Policemen surrounded him and arrested him. They had pictures and tapes of telephone conversations to serve as proof that he had been working with this same Doctor that led him to Jesus in Preaching The Gospel to others. They threw him into jail and kept him chained up for 30 days. He was interrogated night & day as they attempted to get him to admit his involvement with the Doctor in Spreading The Good News and where the Churches were at. As the days passed and he remained steadfast in not giving in to the persecution of his captors he began to hear people singing; Hallelujah and encouraging him to stand firm in his Faith. After some time he began asking the prison guards who the people were in the cell next to him? They looked at him as if he was crazy and told him that there was no one else in the jail beside him for the past 30 days. At that very moment he realized that it was The Lord encouraging him. There were many more testimonies like this as well.
The Underground Pastors were all so Thankful to receive The Bibles and little finances that we brought. They admitted that they at times felt forgotten. They only asked that we tell their Brothers & Sisters in America to hold them up in Prayer that as they are imprisoned and tortured that they would not fail to stand firm In Christ. I promised them that we would do as Aaron had done for Moses; that we would be holding their arms up In Prayer.

Blessings To All Of You,

NOTE: The above account was reported by one of our Precious Christian Missionaries May 2011. 1,000’s upon multiplied 1,000’s are being led to Jesus every day in China as God’s Children tell others The Gospel. This My Friends is: Genuine Revival.

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